Through the practice of making a series: Impermanence and Imperfection, I built more intimacy with nature as my practice of meditation, which led to create this on going daily project: 책갈피 (Bookmark). People use bookmarks to mark inspirational moments, note their thoughts, or make a pause while reading. Especially from 1990s to early 2000s, many people in Korea created bookmarks by sealing a leaf in a plastic film. The act of sealing a leaf showed appreciation of nature’s beauty and later became a nostalgic reminiscence. 

     Living within nature, I encounter its beauty everyday through collecting sands, rocks, leafs, and dusts. To keep the true state of beauty, with Hanji’s  warmth and delicate texture, I seal the collected nature to keep in a precious manner.  The act of sealing the collected nature becomes a daily practice of meditation, and each bookmark then becomes a daily record of my life to remember the moment of beauty I discover everyday.